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PhD Candidate

Lipid nanoparticle | CRISPR/Cas system | modified mRNA

My research focuses on the treatment of cardiac disease by using lipid nanoparticles to deliver modified messenger RNA encoding various CRSIPR/Cas gene editing systems. There are more than 75,000 known diseases associated with genetic variants in humans remain difficult to correct. The emergence of various CRSIPR/Cas genome editing technologies holds out the promise of a cure for such diseases. We have advanced in vitro synthesis technology of modified mRNA and mature preparation technology of lipid nanoparticle carrier. We integrated the CRISPR/Cas gene editing system with the modified mRNA to give full play to their advantages and provide a more effective, accurate and safe method for the treatment of genetic defects.


Yang, Q., et al., Metformin ameliorates the progression of atherosclerosis via suppressing macrophage infiltration and inflammatory responses in rabbits. Life Sciences, 2018. 198: p. 56-64.


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