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Assistant Professor

cardiac regeneration | Novel delivery approaches for biomolecules | Cancer vaccine

I have worked in many labs and learned a lot from them. In plant molecular laboratory with Prof. Chengbin Xiang, I studied how plants respond to abiotic stress. At the Institute of Biophysics CAS, I studied learning and memory in Dr. Wang’s lab and genome stability in Prof. Jiao’s lab. In the Diabetes Research Center at Brussels, I worked on pancreatic progenitor cells in Prof. Heimberg’s lab. I worked microRNAs on cardiovascular diseases in the experimental cardiology laboratory with Prof. Sluijter and Prof. Doevedans. From 2019, I started to work in between the nanomedicine laboratory with Prof. Schiffelers and the experimental cardiology laboratory. Currently I am involved in the following project:


EXPERT aims at developing a new off-the-shelf delivery system for RNA-based nanomedicines to treat cancer and cardiovascular disease. In the long term, the platform technology could be used for improving diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients with several other diseases.

More information regards this project can be found here.


TOP-EVs is a novel protein delivery technology using cell-secreted extracellular vesicles developed in our lab. In the long run, we would like to use this technology for genome editing for cardiovascular disease treatment.


All my previously finished work can be found here:



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