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PhD Candidate. 
Extracellular vesicles | Cardiac regeneration | Inflammation

My research explores the molecular mechanisms underlying the interaction of extracellular vesicles (EVs) with cells in cardiac microenvironment. By studying EVs from iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and their role on immune cells, namely macrophages, I expect to find new pathways involved in cardiac regeneration. My current PhD project also investigates EVs secreted from cardiac progenitor cells, which previous research revealed to be beneficial upon myocardial infarction. Nevertheless, the mechanistic responsible for their therapeutic properties remains unclear. My project aims to elucidate their potential mechanism of action by exploring their role on immune cells.   



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Steward, C. A., Roovers, J., Suner, M.-M., Gonzalez, J. M., Uszczynska-Ratajczak, B., Pervouchine, D., Fitzgerald, S., Viola, M., et al. Re-annotation of 191 developmental and epileptic encephalopathy-associated genes unmasks de novo variants in SCN1A. npj Genomic Medicine, 4, 31 (2019).


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